Lumber, Finished lumber

Licensed under CFPA as Mill 35 we now produce construction grade stamped lumber to T&G and log siding. Call and ask for your specialty lumber needs as we grow our planer knife profile library to accommodate an ever changing variety of finishing lumber trends.

Lumber, Rough Lumber
From 1x4-4’ to 10x10-16’, furniture grade to pallet stock, shoring to fencing. Availability is largely based on log inventory and contract sawing patterns.  Timbers and dimensional products are usually stocked throughout the year. Small custom orders usually take more time as the product needs to fit into sawing schedules around large orders or regular contracted runs.
Bark mulch is taken off the logs to provide longer saw life and low ash content in the wood pellets. Provides a soft clean bed for your landscaping needs.
Wood Chips
Chips are taken straight off the log eliminating a set of saws and the formerly produced slabs.  Debarked and metal free, chips are used for paper, landscaping, or wood pellets depending on the time of year and demand.
Due to the highly competitive market, any firewood we do harvest is sold to existing firewood companies who can deliver to your yard and offer cut and split options.  References are available by request.