Northern Prime Wood Products

Furniture grade to pallet stock, shoring to fencing availability!

Spruce Wood Loggers Inc was founded in 1981 by Arnold & Lorraine Reimer.

The company was started as primarily a way of sustaining the farm during the winter months cutting pulpwood logs for the Pinefalls paper mill.
In 1984
Arnold along with his father, Frank Reimer, started milling to gain some extra value out of the large diameter logs in the form of timbers and rough lumber for the construction industry.
In 1993
The sawmill was relocated to its present location in a more permanent fashion

Working closely with Manitoba Sustainable Development.

Spruce Wood Loggers works closely with Manitoba Sustainable Development in ensuring that Manitoba’s forest is here today and generations to come.

All areas harvested are reforested by either scarification or replanting, which are overseen by a Regional Forester to ensure the forest industry is sustainable for itself and maintaining a sustainable forest for generations to follow.

Currently only 35% of Manitoba’s forests is being utilized while the other 65% will fall over or be burned in forest fires, releasing all its stored carbon back into the atmosphere.